Mech Div Sends-Off 11 LTs and 49 Privates to the Front Lines

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Mech Div Sends-Off 11 Lieutenants and 49 New Privates to the Front Lines CAMP O’DONNELL, CAPAS, TARLAC – The Mechanized Infantry Division, Philippine Army under the leadership of its commander, MGEN ROBERT C DAUZ AFP conducted a Send-Off Ceremony and Entrustment of Firearms to 11 2nd Lieutenants (2LT) and 49 Privates at the Multi-purpose Hall, Headquarters Mechanized Infantry Division on June 28, 2019,Friday. The deployment of new troops of Mechanized Division will surely boost the operational capabilities of its line units in confronting various local security threats to ensure the nation’s Peace and Development. Most of them will be deployed in the Mechanized Battalions and Cavalry Squadron in Mindanao while some will be assigned in the 3rd Mechanized Battalion in Central Luzon. Mr Jimmy Tan, President, JVP Breadking Food Corporation or Jelexie Bakeshop was the Guest of Honor and Speaker (GOHAS). He expressed his gratitude to the young officers and enlisted personnel in answering the call of duty to the nation and challenged them to live up on the expectations of the uniform they are wearing and to take pride in it. The entrustment of firearms by the GOHAS, who is a civilian, signifies the civilian supremacy over the military in the course of their military duty. The 2LTs are newly assigned to the Mechanized Division after their Basic Officers Leadership Course while the Privates are members of Candidate Soldier Course “MATIKAS” Class 574-2019 who graduated last June 3, 2019. They just finished the two-week Mechanized Infantry Operations Orientation Training (MIOOT), a prerequisite for all personnel before they will be dispatched to their respective unit assignments. After the entrustment of firearms, the Senior Officers led by MGEN DAUZ distributed Scapular Rosaries and Holy Bible to Catholic Personnel and Psalm 91 Prayer booklet to non-Catholics for their divine protection. Afterwards, MGEN DAUZ delivered his message and expressed his congratulations and wishes them well in their new unit assignments. He urged the new 2Lts and Privates to value their service, as they value their lives and love ones. He expects them to become more professional, capable and God-fearing soldier, a true image of a Filipino soldier. He also reiterated his Command Guidance and urged everyone to learn and observe their new units specially its operational environment, to adapt to it and make change if necessary for the improvement and accomplishment of the mission. And he ended his message challenging them to stay alive for them to fully perform and carry out their mandated duties of protecting the people and upholding our sovereignty.

August 11, 2019