The Mechanized Division Welcomes Candidate Soldiers Cl 586- 2019

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CAMP O’DONNELL, CAPAS, TARLAC – The Mechanized Infantry Division under the leadership of MGEN ROBERT C DAUZ AFP conducted the Opening Ceremony for Candidate Soldier Class 581-2019 on 01 June 2019 held at the View Deck, Mech Div with BGEN PASCUAL LUIS BEDIA AFP, Assistant Division Commander as the keynote speaker. LTC FERDINAND M DELA CRUZ (CAV) PA, Commandant of TAS presented to BGEN BEDIA the one hundred forty two (142) young men to compose the Candidate Soldiers Course (CSC) Cl 586-2019. After the declaration of opening by BGEN BEDIA, traditional reception rites for the candidate soldiers immediately followed in order to test the physical stamina of the candidate soldiers. The training directorate headed by MAJ REYNALDO C VALENCIA (CAV) PA as the Course Director supervised the said reception rites. This class is a diverse group coming all throughout the Philippine archipelago and having competent skills in various fields of expertise. Eighty (80) of them are from Luzon, ten (10) from Visayas and fifty-two (52) came from Mindanao. The class is composed of forty-six (46) college graduates, twenty nine (29) reached college level, thirty-two (32) completed technical and vocational Courses, three (3) K-12 graduates and thirty-two (32) high school graduates who all underwent the stern process of qualification and passed numerous rigid examinations and scrutinizing interviews. They will undergo four (4) months of rigorous training that will further defy their mental emotional and physical stamina, resilience and fortitude in transforming from carefree civilians into becoming a disciplined, competent and professional men committed to be of service. BGEN BEDIA, in his speech, conveyed the importance of training to every individual soldier. He also encouraged them to enjoy every hardship they will experience in their training and take courage to surpass in order for them to survive and gain knowledge to become a combat proficient soldier. He also challenged them to develop their strong determination and willingness as future branded mounted warrior or “Mandirigmang Armor” having the honor and privilege in protecting the Filipino people and securing the land.

August 11, 2019